God Still Heals People, Even In Mom & Pop Restaurants

About a month ago, me, my Wife, and brother Ross went out to grab a Donair at a local Edmonton Mom & Pop’s restaurant (I will keep the name confidential). The restaurant is run by a sweet, elderly Middle Eastern couple. After enjoying the tastiest Donair wrap ever, I decided to head to the washroom.

While in the washroom, I heard conversation spark as my wife and Ross stood at the front counter chatting with a lady, the co-owner of the restaurant. After coming out of the washroom, expecting to leave and head to Church service, I stood by waiting as they chatted away. The lady was speaking about the pain she’s been having in her right arm. As I approach, my boy then tells me, “her arm is bothering her and she’s been having pain for a long time.” After hearing this, I was prepared to say, “Oh sorry, I hope she gets better” (as many people often say). But within a twinkle of an eye, an awkward silence, Ross asks the lady, “Can we pray with you? God is going to heal you.” The lady, stares at us with a surprised face and slowly motions to walk around the counter and come toward us as the we prepare to lay hands on her right arm.  A short prayer took place lasting about 1 minute, which included words like, “We command healing in this arm,” “Lord show her your glory,” and some prayers in the Spirit with different languages, ending with, “In Jesus’ Name, Amen. ” Immediately after the prayer, she began to glare at her arm with the most shocked facial expression I have ever seen. The Lady then rotated her arm and stared at us in amazement. With teary eyes she went on to say something along the lines of “What!? Oh my… .” And she began to bless God for healing. I too was in shock.

Why is this important for me to share? Basically, I’ve spent years hearing some non-charismatic circles proclaim God no longer performs signs and wonders as it was something meant for the Acts of the Apostles/Apostolic Age. I also had skepticism over the years from hearing charismatic conspiracies surrounding supposed ‘staged’ healing. On that day, my skepticism left me. Yes, I believed God could heal but I did not witness it for a very long time in such a manner, live and direct. And mind you, the Lady who was healed was not even a Believer. She had nothing to gain and nothing to lose. Her Non-believing husband was just around the corner speaking to workers in the kitchen. All she did was open up and accept an offer to be prayed for from one young man whom you would not expect God to use to perform such a miracle. We were three twenty something year old Ghanaians who were supposed to be on their way to evening Church service, but were hauled by the Holy Spirit to display power to a Non-believer. 

So Christian brother and sister, do not let the power of the Holy Spirit lay dormant inside of you. God is waiting for instances like these where He can display His power, for His glory alone.

Just weeks after that day, my brother Ross built a relationship with the owners of that little donair spot. He even got the opportunity to pray for the Lady’s husband’s back pain, witness more healing, share the Gospel with them, and also get free food (Which isn’t bad either). 🙂 What a Mighty God we serve.

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