The Power of Listening to your Wife

I am a very stubborn guy. I don’t like listening when I don’t feel like it. I prefer shortcuts and doing things in ways that lead to minimal stress. However, that all changed within the last few weeks. I believe I’ve realized a way to succeed in life and in my marriage and it is very simple. Listening to my wife! My wife is my best friend, we argue, we cry, we laugh but makeup within some hours (We are getting better and better by the hour πŸ˜‰ ). I want to make a case for women, not to puff you up, but to inform you that egotistical men around the world are realizing that female intuition is real and ought to be taken seriously.

It is a sad reality but millions of men go to work every day and listen to instruction from female managers, directors, and co-workers but fail to listen to their own wives at home. According to scripture “Husband’s are the head of their Wives“, but a head that does not allow the neck to influence it lives in danger.

Your wife may complain about your choice of friends, the way you dress, your lack of ambition, your career choices, and so on and so forth. But I write to inform you that there is a reason why your woman is complaining to you. She wants you to achieve your full potential. Whether it’s spiritually, professionally, educationally or in business, she wants you successful. As a matter of fact, she loves to see you successful. If you do not listen and watch for cues, then it is at the expense of your marriage. Your wife can see your blind spots. She can see the places around you that your peripheral vision cannot cover. Women have another sense attached to their emotions. Having been socially subordinated for centuries they have quietly gained a life-saving, nonverbal skill called intuition.

Some years ago, a Psychologist by the name of Dr. John Gottman undertook a study with a team of researchers. This study involved observing the relationships of 100 plus newlywed couples over a span of 6 years. The objective of the study was to determine what causes a marriage to succeed. Marriages that succeeded in the study had one similarity; The husband listened to his wife on a consistent basis. Husbands that were rude, defensive and ignored their wives’ saw their marriages fail over time. The failure rate was a staggering 81% when a husband consistently chose not to listen or not allow his wife to have influence in the marriage.

Take a look at the life of former U.S President, Barack Obama for instance. In a 2011 interview on the Oprah show, when talking about his journey to success he stated, “She [Michelle Obama] is just my rock, and I count on her in so many ways every single day.” Would Barack have soared to such political heights without the influence of Michelle? it is hard to believe he would. The intellect and insight of your wife demand your attention as a husband. If you want to go further in life, you owe it to your wife to listen and ask for her opinion and feelings on a daily basis.

One crucial but often ignored aspect of marriage is the magnitude of influence your marriage has on your son(s) and daughter(s). The way you listen to your wife will determine how your son will respect women and how your daughter will expect a man to respect her in the classroom, the workplace and in marriage.

Could it be that the way you treat your wife has an effect on your life? According to Scripture, it does. “…[Husbands] show her honour as a fellow heir of the grace of life so that your prayers will not be hindered.” [1 Peter 3:7b] it is clear that your life will be affected if you fail to honour your wife by not listening to her. In essence, treating her well will reflect in your life and God will answer your prayers, therein allowing you to prosper. So my fellow men do not be ignorant, your success truly does hang on your marriage.




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